Terms Of Agreement Prevod

Any dispute over the validity, interpretation or application of these Terms and Conditions is tried by a public court, the Stockholm District Court as a trial court or by a Finnish, Danish or Norwegian court, if a Semantix company, established in Finland, Denmark or Norway, makes the request. In the event that no travel and living allowance compensation has been agreed, Semantix calculates the actual costs of the travel period and the residence allowance in accordance with the Travel and Stay Act or the existing collective agreement. Documents sent to Semantix for processing may contain personal data. To the extent that Semantix processes personal data on behalf of the client, the terms of the data processing agreement and standard clauses (annex 1A and 1B) apply. b) If the customer wishes to make a further modification of the assignment, Semantix has the right to deduct a surcharge in addition to the agreed price. This change includes the addition of additional conditions. The deduction is made in accordance with the current price list, after which Semantix is required to update the corresponding delivery conditions and the price corresponding to the change made. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, “Semantix” refers below to Semantix Group Holding AB and/or any other entity of the Semantix Group with which a client enters into a transfer agreement. The customer makes available to Semantix the necessary equipment to carry out the transfer by semantix in accordance with the transfer agreement, after which Semantix must inform the customer if he does not receive the required equipment. If the required equipment is not provided by the customer, Semantix is entitled to an extension of the delivery in addition to compensation. If the absence of necessary equipment significantly complicates the execution of the sale of Semantix, Semantix has the right to terminate the transfer with immediate effect, after which Semantix is entitled to compensation from the client for the work done up to the date of termination, as well as the costs of terminating the transfer and the loss of the turnover. A transfer agreement is entered into if the client accepts the quote proposed by Semantix for an assignment or if the parties have entered into a specific agreement.

To the extent that an assignment is initiated or made without a written contract or confirmation of an order, the corresponding parts of these Terms and Conditions apply. Unesite rijeé za prevod: Engleski rje-nik Njema-ki rjesnik Latinski rjesnik Turski rje`nik Ma`arski rje`nik Francuski rje`nik Slovenski rje`nik `e`ki rje`nik The work of Semantix is carried out with precision and diligence by the competent staff and in accordance with the contract agreement. Semantix adheres to the code of conduct adapted to its work. Unless Semantix and the Customer agree otherwise, Semantix will use the relevant methods and standards for its work. If it is provided for reasons that do not concern the customer and the delay in delivery of Semantix is not accepted, the customer is compensated for the late portion of the delivery up to 3% per week or up to 15% of the total order value.