Rules Relating To Agreement With Minor Parties

You can enter into a contract with anyone you want. And most contracts work well without recourse. But if something happens and a party violates the contract (violated), only a valid contract can be brought to justice and decided (attempted). However, a minor is not entitled to enter into a contract, there is nothing in the treaty law that prevents him from tying the other party to the minor. Therefore, a debt certificate duly executed in favour of a minor is not invalid and could be sued by the minor. A minor cannot become a partner in a partnership company. But a minor could be admitted to the benefits of partnering with the agreement of all partners. Even if a minor mis-presents himself as a major and accepts a loan or enters into a contract, he or she could claim a minority. The Estoppel rule does not apply to a minor. He was able to plead his minority in his defense. If you want to enter into a contract with someone and you want to be able to bring the person to court if the contract is violated.

To be considered a contract, the six elements of the contract must be present. The first three refer to the treaty itself. The second two elements concern the parties involved. Facts of the case – the complainant Dharmodas Ghosh, when he was a minor, mortgaged his property to the accused, a money lender. At the time, counsel for the accused was aware of the complainant`s age. The complainant paid only 8,000 thereafter, but refused to pay the rest of the money. The plaintiff`s mother was then his closest friend (legal guardian), so he sued the defendant, who stated that he was a minor at the time of the contract, so that the contract was unsigned, that he was not related to the same thing. An agreement between two or more individual responsibilities that are enforceable or otherwise recognizable by law. A contract is a legally applicable contract. Contracts or agreements between different people are constituted and validated by the Indian Contracts Act. Under Section 10 of the Indian Contract Act of 1972, not all contracts are contracts. Only these agreements are contracts entered into by contracting parties.

In addition, the word “competent” was described in Section 11 of the Indian Contract Act; It is included by 3 Essentials- In this blog post, Disha Pareek, a student at the National College of Law Rajiv Gandhi, In Punjab, writes about a minor`s ability to enter into a contract under the Indian Contract Act of 1972. It also provides for certain exceptions to the aforementioned provision. Under the Indian Contracts Act of 1872, the term “contract” in Section 2, point h) means a legally applicable agreement. In certain circumstances, a guardian of a minor could enter into a valid contract on behalf of the minor. Such an agreement, which the guardian concludes for the benefit of the minor, could also be applied by the minor.